Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Winegars program?
    The Winegars program is a helpful way to get more value from shopping at Winegars, such as getting discounts on products that YOU value more, receiving easy returns, digital store coupons, manufacurer's coupons, personalized rewards, and to make faster, easier and more secure purchases.
  • How does the Winegars program work?
    When you register with Winegars, you you simply redeem personalized offers, store coupons, promotions and any accumulated store credit by providing your phone number when you check out.
  • How do I enroll in Winegars?
    You can get started in two ways. First, you can register online, and simply use your phone number at any participating Winegars stores. Second, you can enroll in Winegars with any cashier or customer service member at Winegars stores.
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Sign up for Winegars Wallet today and next time you shop just give the cashier your phone number.

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